Kudos, Madison Ave.

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Whenever I have a question, I try to find an authority to help me out.  I need a good recipe, I check in with Paula Deen (online of course, although I wish I had her cell….).  I need help balancing my checkbook, I call my dad.

If I need fresh highlights for spring break, it’s off to Madison Avenue Salon & Day Spa.

What’s so cool, is that the stylists at Madison Avenue also have an authority for inspiration and instruction.  It’s called Redken Symposium.  From what I’m told, it’s basically an extravaganza of hair and gambling (because it was in Las Vegas this year), and it’s an incredible, three-day seminar for professional stylists packed with education and insight into what’s next in the world of hair.

My two favorite Vegas boys -- Vince and Jon in Swingers.

This year, Madison Avenue had 25 attendees, a record high for the salon.  The upside?  Your Madison Avenue stylist has a whole head full of new ideas, such as how to deconstruct an edge avant-garde look for a more wearable style, or how to glam it up for your charity galas or prom formals.

So, after watching the Grammys and taking in all of those artsy looks, head over to Madison Avenue and pick some brains.  They’re ready to put their new skills to work.


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