Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage
This is a relaxing, stress-reduction massage incorporating traditional long strokes, kneading techniques and a calming aroma. This will soothe the muscles, increase circulation and improve skin tone.
Master Therapist                                                                              1/2 hr $47 | 1 hr $73 | 1 1/2 hr $103
Practitioner                                                                                      1/2 hr $31 | 1 hr $51 | 1 1/2 hr $82
Therapeutic Massage
This deep-tissue massage is designed to alleviate muscular soreness and ease tired joints that may result from overexertion.
Master Therapist                                                                             1/2 hr $52 | 1 hr $83 | 1 1/2 hr $114
Practitioner                                                                                     1/2 hr $37 | 1 hr $61 | 1 1/2 hr $92
Luminous Candle Oil Massage 1 1/4 hr $98
This luxury treatment starts when you choose one of our wax free and petroleum free candles as your scent for the session. The candle melts into warm, heated massage oil that is rich with 100% soy oil for maximum moisturizing and conditioning of your skin. Our session begins with a full body dry brush exfoliation to aid in sloughing off dead skin cells to smooth and illuminate your skin. Your therapist will use the warm scented candle oil as you are treated to a 60 minute relaxing and stress reducing Swedish massage. The candle chosen will be your gift to take home and enjoy.
Prenatal Massage 1 hr $78
This relaxing and soothing massage caters to expectant mothers. This massage will ease your tired muscles while increasing circulation. Check with your doctor first to be sure massage is okay.
Hot Stone Massage 1 hr $114
The ancient art of using hot stones to evoke Earth’s healing energy is integrated into a soothing massage.  Heated basalt stones are used to knead tired muscles into a deep state of relaxation.  Experience the perfect harmony of heat and pressure which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.
Reflexology 3/4 hr $52
Every body function corresponds to precise areas on your feet. Spend time focused on your feet with a gentle hand and foot exfoliation, followed by an intense lower leg and foot massage to alleviate stress from the entire body.

* 10 minute Reflexology can be added to any Facial for an additional $15

Consistent Kindness TBD
Purchase any six Massages for the price of five